Fonds de Garantie

An approach based on quality management

The Guarantee Fund is part of our ongoing-improvement approach and has been ISO 9001 certified since July 2006. The approach, which is integral to the constant striving to meet the needs and expectations of its partners, is based on several main features :


  • a client-oriented approach to better understand their needs, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations;
  • greater transparency in corporate tasks thanks to a tailored organisation, clear descriptions of work and well-structured documentation;
  • the definition of precise aims e.g. providing indemnities for each victim in the general interest and obtaining the best possible reimbursement of the sums paid to victims from those responsible for the accident. Markers are used to measure results and, therefore, to check the quality of the services we provide;
  • the involvement of all the staff in the achievement of these objectives.