Fonds de Garantie

How the Fund works

The Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund

The Automobile Guarantee Fund was set up in 1951 in the general interest, to compensate the victims of road traffic accidents in which those responsible were either not insured or not identified. Over the years, the Fund’s areas of competence were extended and, in 2003, it was renamed the FGAO. Funded solely by the insured and by insurers, it operates under the control of the Minister of the Economy. It is administered and managed by a Board of Management with 18 members, chaired by Jean-Yves Julien, member of the Board of General Management of Allianz. The Board consists of representatives from insurance companies which provide mandatory liability insurance and hunting insurance, representatives from cooperative farming insurance companies, users’ representatives and a Government Commissioner appointed to the FGAO. Julien Rencki, Managing Director, was appointed by the body further to a proposal from the Chairman and the Government Commissioner on 6th July 2016.

FGAO status

The list of the members of the board FGAO

The Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorist and Other Criminal Acts

In 1986, when a wave of terrorist attacks was sweeping through France, a Terrorist Victims Guarantee Fund was set up; it was managed by the Automobile Guarantee Fund. In 1990, compensation for the victims of terrorism and other criminal acts, which had previously been managed by the State, passed to a new Fund, the FGTI. Under the terms of an agreement, the FGAO was required to manage the FGTI. The FGTI is administered and managed by a Board of Management with 10 members, chaired by Jean Leonnet, Honorary Counsellor to the Supreme Court (Cour de cassation). Other members include representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, Overseas Départements and Territories and Local and Regional Authorities, and the Ministry responsible for Social Security. There are also persons having expressed their interest for victims of terrorist acts, representatives of professionals in the Insurance sector and a Government Commissioner appointed to the FGTI.

FGTI status

The list of the members of the board FGTI