Fonds de Garantie

The structure of the Fund

The Guarantee Fund, an operational structure at the service of victims

The Guarantee Fund undertakes a range of tasks in specialist sectors that require a high degree of technical knowledge. Its 300 staff work in its various divisions.

The Payments Division is the largest entity within the Guarantee Fund. It has 145 lawyers and managers based in Vincennes and Marseille. Their meticulous approach and expertise, combined with an ability to listen attentively to victims, allows for a large number of out-of-Court settlements.
There are 6 units in this division :

  • 3 regional units that are close to victims, players in the legal environment and Guarantee Fund agents. They are located in Eastern Paris, North & Atlantic area and Southern France;
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  • 1 unit specialising in claims for material damage, mining risks and insurance liquidations;
  • 1 unit responsible for payments in international automobile claims;
  • 1 unit specialising in compensation for severe personal injury. This unit deals with claims for indemnity for the most seriously injured people. Each Inspector-Payer in this unit has to establish a climate of trust with the victim and the victim’s family, offer compensation adapted to suit individual situations, provide material and psychological help and assist the victim in making a new life for himself or herself.

The Recourse and SARVI Division (44 staff) traces those responsible for damage and injury and claims back from them the sums paid to the victims by the Guarantee Fund and any compensation granted to victims by the Courts. By doing so, the unit forces perpetrators to face up to the financial consequences of their actions. The unit is responsible for obtaining as much information about perpetrators as possible, negotiating out-of-Court settlements and using legal means to force compliance if necessary.

The Contributions Division recovers contributions from insured parties directly from insurance companies and also receives contributions payable by the insurance companies themselves.

The Asset Management Division (financial and property assets) enables the Guarantee Fund to cover its commitments to victims.

The Support Division (accounts, computing, logistics, HR and PR) provides assistance for the other units to ensure that the Guarantee Fund functions to the best of its abilities.
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Guarantee Fund locations

  • Vincennes : main office and the headquarters of the Guarantee Fund
  • Paris : branch office housing the SARVI staff
  • Marseille : regional office
  • Nantes and Lyon : regional offices, each with 1 Serious Injury Inspector-Payer.